Copper in Argentina. Present and Future. Mining Press.

By Nivaldo Rojas. President, Rojas & Asociados. This contribution has the objective of responding some of the questions regarding copper mining in Argentina and explain why, in spite of the identification of an important figure of new deposits the industry hasn’t developed has it was foreseen after the commissioning of Alumbrera Mine in 1996. Read […]

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Mining Companies in Argentina

List of Companies The following is a comprehensive list of companies with exploration and mining interests in Argentina, including local and international groups, mines in operation, advanced projects, exploration and project development firms and their corporate sharing in some projects. In addition, over 30 firms are currently evaluating the country as an exploration destination. Allana […]

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Statistics 2012

The universe of companies with exploration or mining interests in Argentina currently exceeds 145 firms, and of these, over 40% are based in Canada. However, it is important to highlight that over 15% belongs to local investments.

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Mines in Operation

During the last 20 years, the results of exploration in Argentina changed notoriously the scene of the industry throughout the country. In the 80’s only two or three mines were in operation; the 1990′s gave room for the start of production of important mineral deposits, some of them world-class. At the moment, the country has the largest […]

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Mining Projects in Argentina. Southern Region

Soouthern Argentina has a significant amount of mining projects and prospects, gold, silver and uranium among others, and also gold and silver mines.

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Mining Projects in Argentina. Central Region

In Central Argentina, the main projects are those in San Juan province.

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Mining Projects in Argentina. Northern Region

Northern Argentina hosts a wide range of significant projects, including copper, silver, semi precious stones and industrial minerals mines.  See more on >> Mining in Argentina

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Attending mega mining events: How to participate successfully and not die trying. Newsletter Argentina Mining.

By Paola Rojas*

Participating in events is a costly endeavour and as a result it requires careful planning to maximize your ROI. Some experiences in PDAC and Expomin that help to reach this goal.

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Investing in mining stocks: To venture is key. Newsletter Argentina Mining, February 2010.

By Paola Rojas

Investing in mining stocks does not have to be off-limits for companies and individuals from the sector in South America. Read about the key aspects to venture with success on this side of the mining business.

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Raising the bet: Pan American Silver wants more. Newsletter Argentina Mining. November 2009.

By Carolina Martinez and Paola Rojas*

A million dollar acquisition puts Argentina again on the sight of mining worldwide since one of the largest silver reservoirs could be put in motion. The company in the center of the story chooses one more time to invest in Argentina.

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