Raising the bet: Pan American Silver wants more. Newsletter Argentina Mining. November 2009.

By Carolina Martinez and Paola Rojas*

A million dollar acquisition puts Argentina again on the sight of mining worldwide since one of the largest silver reservoirs could be put in motion. The company in the center of the story chooses one more time to invest in Argentina.

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To learn from the best, today more than ever. Newsletter Argentina Mining. October 2009.

By Paola Rojas.*

Argentina continues living an unprecedented mining growth, same growth that in some way kept us busy during most of the time since the current crisis started. Even though we cannot forget that this boom was mainly powered by investments committed a long time ago, reality shows that the sector has grown in most of the economic indicators: production level, exports, investments, and also in others more tangible for any spectator, such as the number of operating mines.

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Now, Mendoza. Newsletter Argentina Mining. September 2009.

By Paola Rojas and Victor Bonfils

In light of the mining boom Argentina is experiencing, one of the provinces that imposed a law restricting the activity is rethinking its position.

During August, a piece of news much expected since 2006 was finally known: Vale – the new owner of the Potasio Rio Colorado potash project, until earlier this year property of Rio Tinto, who in turn had purchased it from Minera Tea in 2005 – received the approval of its Environmental Impact Declaration, key milestone for advancing towards the realization of the 3,000 M dollars project. After this, the company needs to continue with sectorial permits and define how the energy required will be obtained.

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Mining in Argentina 2009: After the storm, is the outlook positive? Newsletter Argentina Mining. July 2009.

By Paola Rojas

In spite of the global crisis, Argentina continues to crystallize projects and mines of significant importance, further enhancing an already dynamic sector.

It is true that the crisis precipitated the exit of a good number of companies with projects in exploration –both grass roots and advanced- but the vast majority owe their withdrawal to other reasons. For example, Alexander Gold had already decided to stop their Leon project months before; they now are only maintaining the property and focusing on the development of their processing technology Metaleach.

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Repercussions of National Mining Day 2009 in Argentina: Barrick’s Pascua Lama will begin construction in 3Q 2009 and Troy´s Casposo to follow in 4Q.

Barrick’s Pascua Lama will begin construction in 3Q 2009 and Troy´s Casposo to follow in 4Q.

By Paola Rojas

May 7 was declared National Mining Day in the country in 1813 with the passing of the first law to encourage the development of Mining. Throughout the country, many festivities take place to commemorate a growing sector of the economy that has been present since independence in a country that owes its name to Silver (Argentum, from Latin).

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