Portfolio: Argentina Generative Program. Fiambala Resources. 2012-2013.

The client, Fiambala Resources, a private company from Australia, required corporate and exploration assistance to complete their settlement in the country.

Additionally, they required assistance to increase their portfolio of properties to raise their valuation and eventually list in an international stock exchange.

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Portfolio: Amarillos Project. ATW Venture. 2007-2008.

The client, ATW Venture, later renamed ATW Gold, was a Canadian listed junior. The company had entered into an agreement with fellow Candadian Marifil, to earn in at the Amarillos Project, located in San Juan Province.

The company required assistance with the development of their operations in Argentina.

In 2011, they changed their name to Redhill Resources.

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Portfolio: Northern Argentina Project. Li3 Energy. 2009-2010.

The client, Li3 Energy, Inc., is a US listed junior based in Chile and Peru. Li3 is an exploration company in the lithium and potassium mining sector. Their common stock is currently quoted on the OTC Bulletin Board. Li3’s aim is to acquire and develop lithium and potassium brine deposits in South America.

The company required assistance with the development of their operations in Argentina.

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Portfolio: Diablillos Project. Silver Standard. 2003-2009.

The client, Silver Standard Resources is a Vancouver-based mining company with assets throughout the Americas. It is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: SSO) and on the NASDAQ Global Market (NASDAQ: SSRI).

The company had development and exploration assets after acquisition from Sunshine Mining, and hence required assistance with managing their operations in Argentina.

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Portfolio: Identification of Latin American Projects. 2006-…

The international apetite for new projects in Latin America is still increasing, with the region capturing the majority of the exploration investment, according to MEG.

Many times, accessing these projects can be challenging and demanding significant research and development budgets, due to cultural and language barriers.

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Portfolio: M-18 Project. Metallum Resources. 2008-2014.

The client, Metallum Resources, is a Canadian listed junior based in Toronto. The Company held an option with Silver Standard Resources to earn a 70% interest in a gold and silver property in the Province of Chubut, Argentina.

Because of this, they required corporate as well as exploration services.

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Portfolio: Valuation of a private junior mining company for listing. 2013.

Our client, an private junior mining company of Argentinean capitals looking to access local markets to secure funding for its growth, hired us to value their properties located in Argentina to aim at listing in an stock exchange in the near future.

To accomplish this, the exchange required they submitted a report by experts in the field.

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Portfolio: Management. Lumina Copper. 2005-2006.

Our client, Lumina Copper, is a Canadian listed junior, still active. The company had acquired the San Jorge Project, located in Mendoza Province from Northern Orion in 2003.

The San Jorge property is an Andean type “porphyry copper” hydrothermal system that has generated a significant amount of oxide, supergene and hypogene copper and gold mineralization.

Lumina required assistance with the development of their operations in Argentina, including management and exploration services.

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Portfolio: Report on Infrastructure Capabilities for Coal Operation. 2013-2014.

Our client, a listed company of foreign capitals, needed to supplement information for evaluating future development of a new operation. They needed to understand how the region where the project is located is served by railroad, energy and other basic infrastructure.

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