Latin America Round Up. Global Mining Finance 2014

Latin America Round Up. Global Mining Finance 2014

In this article, Paola Rojas, VP, Corporate Development, among other experts and executives such as Murilo Ferreira, President and CEO of Vale and Frederico Marques of Heenan Blaikie, was interviewed about Latin America by Silvia Santacruz for Global Mining Finance, for fourth time in a row. See below an excerpt of the article or links to the full story.

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“In general, 2013 has been a tough year for mining in Latin America. There appear to be growing complications such as rising costs and unreliable social licenses. In Chile and Colombia there are growing environmental issues. Peru still struggles with communities. Brazil’s bureaucracy is making the country lose momentum, Mexico remains risky in terms of personal safety and Argentina has economical and political hurdles to overcome. However, these are no isolated issues. Problems faced by one mining company in any one country are similar to those of others elsewhere. Mining companies –and resource investors in general- must adapt to these conditions. Mining needs to evolve quickly to continue producing the minerals needed for progress and development and at the same time remain an industry with strong return on investment. Paola Rojas

Paola Rojas

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