We rely on two key assets -our knowledge of the mining market and management- to advise our clients in diverse management issues related to the mining sector.

Project Identification

We assist companies in identifying, analysing and acquiring mining projects throughout Latin America. Aside from our operations in Chile, Argentina and Australia, we have a network of associates in Colombia, Perú, Mexico and Brazil, aimed at gaining the local perspective and better access to projects in each jurisdiction.

Alternatively, some companies have requested us to assist in promoting their projects for acquisition or JV.

Our role, in both cases is to connect the two parties and assist in reaching a deal.


Advising and Representation

Over the years we have provided advise on corporate matters ranging from deals and acquisitions, corporate structure in a country, selection of other advisors, among others.

Additionally, in order to provide select clients a reliable and cost-effective way to operate in the country, we represent them acting as local managers. This allows a foreign company to take advantage of our market know-how and network, thus beginning to operate quickly with a fraction of the effort it would demand to set an office.


Due Diligence and Review

Many times, technical considerations are weighted more heavily than appropriate.

For companies presented with an opportunity in the region, we assist by analysing the characteristics of the jurisdiction, tenements, similar companies/competitors, as well as other business considerations with the support of legal, accounting and other local professionals as required.

Such an approach may reduce uncertainty, and inherently risk.


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