Our team is formed up by professionals with extensive experience in exploration, generation and management of mining projects.

Some of our services in the area of Mining are:

Project Generation and Identification

Latin America is in the sight of investors. Our team is constantly uncovering projects suitable for acquisitions via permanently contact with key players of the market.

We regularly introduce these third party projects to potential investors generating business opportunities.

Also, we collaborate with clients in generative exploration. With their target in mind -silver, gold, copper, uranium, etc-, we evaluate submittals on their behalf or analyze entirely new areas through regional exploration programs.

Exploration Management and Support

From Puna to Patagonia, in Argentina, as well as other South American countries, we plan and conduct prospecting and drilling programs.

Our professionals have experience in geochemistry, design and management of exploration projects, structural and economic geology, etc. We specialize on hydrothermal systems, particularly porphyry copper, and precious metals epithermal deposits.

Our goal is cost-effective exploration, close supervision of contractors and budgets, supported by the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Project Evaluation

The evaluation may include desktop review of information, visits to projects, and it can eventually lead to customized teams.

Additionally, our firm has professionals who are able to conduct and sign Technical reports as a Qualified/ Competent Person meeting requirements of NI 43.101 and JORC.

Several of our professionals have taken part of the discovery or definition of important projects.

Resource Inventories and Reports

As first step to settling down in the region, or simply to open up your range of possibilities in generative exploration, we conduct thorough analyses on current projects and ore deposits.

Be it for silver, uranium, copper, gold, lithium, geothermal energy, or industrial minerals, among others, we prepare comprehensive reports to provide an updated vision of the potential.

Also, we work on reports on related matters such as: valuations of properties, mining equipment or companies, conditions in any province, social situation, etc. Our flexible and varied expertise allows us to complement current capabilities with research to respond to changing conditions.

Are you interested to learn exactly how we can contribute to cost-effective exploration programs, add projects to your portfolio or investigate a specific matter? Send us a message and we can discuss your requirements.

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